Sep 07
SharePoint Managed metadata error: Managed metadata changes not applied to list items after changing the term in term store
While working with Managed metadata in SharePoint, I had requirement to change the term store as some of the spells in term store is wrong. For example in the countries list I have spelt the name wrong.

I have update the term in term store and after jumping a few steps ahead create a sample list item with managed metadata property as below.

But after saving the list term was not reflected as below.

I have navigated to term store, checked the term. But in term store it was already updated. After googling some time I have found that there is a timer job, which should be run to reflect the result. Taxonomy Update Scheduler is the time job, runs every hour. We can manually run this timer job from SharePoint central administration to update the term store associated with web application. Once the timer job updated we can see the updated data in the list.

Jul 06
SharePoint 2013: Point a Service application to moved database
We can point a SharePoint service application to a moved data base or renamed database from central administration by using following steps,

Navigate to SharePoint central Administration and navigate to Application Management section.

Click on Manage Service Applications link. In the Service Applications section, select the Service application to move the database.

In the ribbon Operations group, click on properties.

Change the database name in Edit SharePoint Translation Service Application page. Click on ok to save the settings.

Start the Service in Manage Services page (System Settings -> Manage Services) ​

Jul 05
Change redirection behavior of a mobile browser in SharePoint 2013

​In SharePoint 2013, browser definition file will lists all the mobile browsers that access mobile views. When user access to SharePoint site from a mobile device, device submits HTTP GET request to user agent string. SharePoint server automatically redirects to the mobile view of the site if mobile browser and device model in the user agent string are listed in the browser definition file and the isMobileDevice setting for the mobile browser is set to true.

Browser definition file lists the mobile browsers and devices that supported by SharePoint 2013 can be updated to redirection.

To change the redirect behavior of a mobile browser, we have to follow the steps below,

  • Open Internet Information Service (IIS) Manager and select the web site, click on Explore.
  • Double click on App_Browsers folders and open the compat.browser file in text editor.
  • Check for <browser> node in corresponding to mobile browser in the device, check for <capability name="isMobileDevice" value="true" /> element, Set the value to false to display a standard view of the site in the mobile browser.
  • Save the changes and restart IIS.
Jul 04
SharePoint Configuration Error: SDDL string contains invalid Sid

​While installing SharePoint 2013 in Standalone mode, I got an error in Step:8, saying that

Exception: System.ArgumentException: The SDDL string contains an invalid sid or a sid that cannot be translated as shown the image below.

By checking the error I have found that SharePoint installation wizard wasn't able access the folder located in "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office Servers\15.0\Data\Office Server". By Sharing the folder located in "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office Servers\15.0\Data\Office Server" we can fix the problem. We have Share the folder "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office Servers\15.0\Data\Office Server\Analytics_{GUID}" as shown the image below.

After Sharing folder, SharePoint 2013 installed successfully in Standalone mode.​

Jul 01
SharePoint PowerShell error: "The local farm is not accessible cmdlets with FeatureDependencyId are not registered. The process does not possess the 'SeSecurityPrivilege' privilege which is required for this operation"
While installing SharePoint by using PowerShell Commands I got an error saying that "The process does not possess the 'SeSecurityPrivilege' privilege which is required for this operation…" as shown the image below.

Here Iam running the SharePoint installation script saved in local machine to install SharePoint server. I have tried to check issue details in all the possible ways but didn't get anything. After googling some time I have found the cause for the error.

To fix this navigate to "local security policy"

Add permissions to current account to install with Manage Auditing and Security logs in Local Policies -> User Rights Assignment as shown image below.

Jun 30
Multiple calendars in SharePoint 2013

​We can setup multiple calendars in single page by using calendar overlay. Calendar overlay is the one of the best option to handle multiple calendars in a page to view side by side. By clicking on the calendar users will be navigated to other calendars.

Instead of calendar overlays we can use following JavaScript snippet to navigate different calendars on the same page.


<a href='#' id='newPrevDay'>Previous Day</a> &nbsp;

<a href='#' id='newNextDay'>Next Day</a>


<script type="text/javascript">



function overrideCalendarButtons () {

$("#newPrevDay").click(function() {

$("a[title=\"Previous Day\"]").each(function() {





$("#newNextDay").click(function() {

$("a[title=\"Next Day\"]").each(function() {






By clicking on the on the previous and next day buttons calendars will be navigated to on the same page by using referred URL in the script above. We have to add JQuery script URL on the snippet.

Jun 29
SharePoint 2013 Error: GetUserListSchema(): Failed to get the list schema XML for feature
While deploying SharePoint feature I got an error saying that "Error occurred in deployment step 'Activate Features': Cannot complete this action. Please try again"

By checking the logs I have following error "GetUserListSchema(): Failed to get the list schema XML for feature"

Iam having only one feature contains list definition and a site scoped feature list instance and created new feature scoped Site and moved list definition to the feature.

To fix the problem I have edited elements.xml in the list instance and added the feature id attribute. This feature id should be the id of the list definition feature.

I have edited element.xml file as shown below,

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Elements xmlns="">
  <ListInstance Title="Name of the list instance"
               FeatureId="Feature id for the list instance"
                Description="description for list instance">

Jun 26
SharePoint 2013 web part error "A web part or webform control on this page cannot displayed or imported"

​While working with SharePoint 2013 web part I got an error saying that "A web part or web form control on this Page cannot be displayed or imported. The type could not be found or it is registered as safe error in while deploying visual web part in SharePoint 2013." As shown the image below.

I got this error while adding the adding the web part to the page. By checking the error I have found that at hard SharePoint web part using wrong name space in .webpart file. To fix that we have top opn .webpart file and change the type name to correct namespace.

Deploy the web part now. Now web part is working as expected. Hope this helps.​

Apr 28
Create PDF result source in SharePoint 2013 search
SharePoint search results will be displayed depending on the result sources and search result view. Result source is the main part in the Search experience. For Local people results returns only the people results.

We can use the following steps to create PDF results source. Navigate to SharePoint Site settings and click on Results source link in search section.

We will be navigated to Result source page. Click new to create new source.

In New result source page, Enter Name of the Result source and description

In the Source information protocol, specify the protocol. I'm selecting the protocol as "Local SharePoint", Select the type of the search results in "Type" section. Here Iam selecting it as "SharePoint Search Results"

The main thing here, Select the "Query Transformation", Specify the query transformation as "{searchTerms} fileextension.pdf". This will filter the PDF file types and displays only PDF documents. Click on Ok to save the settings.

Apr 27
Site Collection Administrator having limited rights in SharePoint 2013

​In General SharePoint Site collection Administrator will have super user right over the site collection. Bu sometimes we can see that as a Site Collection Administrator I have limited permissions especially we restore the Site Collection using PowerShell commands. We can check the permissions levels as shown the image below,

The reason is Site Collection backup we restored is in locked state. This may cause the limited permissions for the Site Collection Administrator. We can fix this by unlocking the Site Collection as shown the steps below,

Navigate to SharePoint Central Administration Application Management Section and click on "Configure quotas and locks" link in Site Collection section.

Select the Site Collection to be changed and In Site lock Information Section, Change the lock status from "Read-only" to "Not locked" as shown the image below.

Click Ok to Save the Settings and reset the IIS to update the settings in Site coolection.

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